Wednesday, December 10, 2008

German war tanks and implications on war

This is my reply to a post appeared on the facebook group 'I Love German War Tanks' by Kasun Herath and Mohomed Farhaan.


War in Sri Lanka is different, i guess. Terrorism should be retaliated in a way it can comprehend. But carnage of lives due to the madness of a single man is a completely different scenario.
Anyway Kasun, have you ever heard psychologists describing the WW1 & WW2 as the necessities of that era-the early 20th century? Cuz the world developed in an unimaginable scale with the industrial revolution, people and their lives too flourished to a great extent. Industries, architecture and environmental pollution became huge and comparatively warfare also had to become huge.
If Hitler didn't carnage some 40million lives with his massive war machine, the earth may have not bore the rate of human development and ultimately result in catastrophic blow up that could drive the development of mankind to a dead end!. This may had been through an ecological artifact or economic crisis such great depression or anything alike
Interesting, nah? At last we have something to appreciate of our bad-guy, Hitler.... hehe.....
My knowledge about German war tanks is quite low (I only know that SLA uses the T55 tank in the Can u guys tell me a little bit more about those Panzers (Panthers/Tigers) n all? What is their uniqueness with respect to those of allied forces?


Well, I usually do not live in apple drams, but STRONGLY admit that the WAR on terror would reach a conclusion in less than a year if everything goes according to plan. LTTE is a highly centralized terrorist group unlike Al-Qaeda. If its central military figure (YOU KNOW WHO) can be eliminated, the entire terrorist body will succumb due to lack of a proper leadership.
But the BATTLE to liberate people from their narrow ideologies like racial extremism would continue till everyone understands the fact that WE – Sri Lankans need to live under one flag symbolizing a united Sri Lanka. All Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims MUST confine their perception about race, to their own cultural festive occasions and think as SRI LANKANS in their day to day life.
Unless THIS plan could be put into action, Kasun, your opinion might win. To prove that Kasun was incorrect, everyone must strive to obstruct the making of another Pirabaharan!!!

(Sorry again for being deviated from the main theme)


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