Saturday, October 25, 2008

Decision day ahead!

November 1st! Oops, the decision day is just one week away. While my challenge is to crack the score of 2000, I'm still struggling around 1900s, lol. What is the basic requirement to excel in a standardized test, I mean, on the decision day? Well, to my mind, attaining good, clean testing ambiance is what can you expect the most. Those unnecessary intruders who meddle into your calm and poised frame of mind on the day, not only make your job rather difficult, but also make your attention digressed. This is so true pertaining to my performance in Advanced Level examination 2008. It was that day, in which I faced the Physics second paper, I got the best atmosphere for taking that kind of examination. And it too was the day I performed the best at that juncture. It was the opposite of what happened on the day I took Math-the trouble point.
By the way, what about those standardized tests? What the heck do these standardized tests mean? Although they are widely considered as equipments through which you could test your various academic abilities, I don't really think you could measure your actual intelligence or subjective perception through them. It's a matter of fact, that who is adapted best to a test taking environment when talking about individual performances. Take Albert Einstein for instance. While the Time magazine named him as the 'Person of the century' posthumously, he was an awful examination candidate in his days. I don't know wherer that is his pure idiosyncrasy or what. But according to my memory, it was only 4.9 marks out of 10 is all he could achieve in his final exam at Zürich Polytechnic. LOL, if HE couldn't make that either, what could this nobody called 'Chamma' can do? Right, no more worries about that. But there's one thing to be made clear at last: Intelligence is the charisma of mankind. Thus, the mankind has to use it for the well being of his own human family, not to fulfill his mere personal goals!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My First Day

Hey guys, this is my first time blogging at Chamitha's day!
I had a very satisfactory morning today as I took my fourth practice test and ended up with some better results than those of previous attempts....
Huh, but it's not yet over. A single miscalculation, a single misunderstanding or a single erratic interpretation could ruin what was gained through two months of painstaking studying all the way alone. So I've got to be more prudent! (An idea of revelation, isn't it? He he...)
In fact, if everyone can be more cautious in doing their day-to-day activities, the world will be a pleasant place than what we see today...